Munson Heritage

Krul Lake Recreation Area
Milton, Florida
No Pets, No Alcohol (State Park Rules)
Parking Fee: $10.00/per car per day

The Annual Munson Heritage Festival is set for October 9th and 10th, 2021


The vision for the Annual  Munson Heritage Festival is to bring the days past back to our community and families from a time that we call the "good old days spread octafx." Our Committee, Sponsors and Vendors want visitors to remember when things were not so mechanized or computerized - when "home made" and "hand made" were the norm and not the lost art they are becoming today.  The historic past of our community comes alive for two days in October with food, booths and music provided by local vendors.  The fun enjoyed by those who come to visit is shared by everyone https://www.octafx-my.com/zero-spread-octafx .

The Munson Heritage Festival is a not-for-profit event designed to showcase the unique past and culture of Northwest Florida - especially northern Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties.

Through our Vendors, the Festival brings alive the history of the area, as well as promoting the culture of the surrounding counties with exhibits, arts, crafts and, of course, food https://www.octafx-my.com/zero-spread-octafx/.

Located on the beautiful grounds of the Krul Recreation Area in Blackwater Forest, this years outdoor festival offers your family the beauty of the forest and the memories of yesterday.  


Photograph credit: Katherine Quarles Graphics Studio/Po10tial Magazine

Photographer: Katherine Quarles, katherine@po10tialmag.com

2019 PARTNERS:  Munson Community Heritage Festival, Inc., Wounded Warrior Project, Red Rock Masonic Lodge, Munson Volunteer Fire Department, Florida Forest Service, Florida Fish & Wildlife, Conservation Commission, Santa Rosa County TDC and Escambia River Electric Cooperative

SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Al Brown of WKRG TV, Johnson Welding, Katherine Quarles Graphics Studio, Travis Ates, Dixie Antique Power, Mike's Outdoor Sports, Santa Rosa County TDC, Blackwater Baptist Church, Glendale Freeman, Wise Equipment, Eddie English Boat Trailers