Photograph credit: Katherine Quarles Graphics Studio/Po10tial Magazine

Photographer: Katherine Quarles, katherine@po10tialmag.com

Who Are We?

The Munson Heritage Festival is organized by the Munson Community Heritage Festival Committee and is comprised of individuals from various organizations within our community. They are listed below:

President: Marshall Fuqua 

Vice President: Randy Cohron

Secretary: James Furman

Treasurer: Barbara Morris

Board Members: Andrew Jernigan, Becky Mulford, Michael Knowles, Karen Morris, Bill Stewart and Gloria McIrvin Tedder.

The Committee is a not-for-profit organization (501(c)3) created to organize and facilitate the Festival in order to raise money for Munson and the surrounding communities to help area families who are in financial need due to unforeseen circumstances; as well as make contributions to local charities.